Gaming report

2007-02-09 Friday
Um Krone und Kragen (Christer, Stefan and Joakim)
Portobello Market (Johan, Fredrik and Christina)
Portobello Market
Taluva (Johan, Fredrik and Christina)
Taluva close-up
Hermagor (Christer, Karin, Stefan, Joakim and Bo)
San Juan (Oscar, Sanny and Anna)
Tahuantinsuyu (Fredrik, Oscar and myself)
Fragile (Sanny, Anna, Bo and Johan)
Fragile close-up
Tahuantinsuyu close-up
Rumis (Johan, Sanny and Magnus L)
Canal Mania (Karin, Stefan, Bo, Christer and Joakim)
Um Krone und Kragen (Anders, Maria, Oscar and Fredrik)
Um Krone und Kragen close-up
Don (Johan, Michael H, Sanny, Magnus L, Torik and Sus)
Turbo Taxi (Boel and Tommy)
The competition by Magnus L
Torik and Sus
Inauguration of the event
Inauguration of the event
Inauguration of the event
Inauguration of the event (Anders presents his competition)
Portobello Market (Sanny, Joakim, Stefan and Johan)
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (Maria, Tommy, Mattias and Tomas)
Christer, Boel, Anna, Sus and Elli

World of Warcraft (Sandra, Fredrik, Amanda, Mattias and Archie)
Yspahan (Johan, Joakim, Tomas and Stefan)
Zendo (Mattias, Magnus L, Anna, Elli, Anders and Sanny)

2007-02-10 Saturday
Hermagor (Sandra, Archie, Oscar and Fredrik)
Ubongo (Boel, Johan, Stefan and Sanny)
Zirkus Flohcati (Mikael, Tommy, Sus and Magnus L)
Elasund (Joakim, Tomas, Mattias and Amanda)
Taluva (Oscar, Stefan, Mattias and Anna)
Factory Fun (Anders, Maria, Tommy, Sus and Christer)
Terra Nova (Boel, Johan and Sanny)
Rumis (Magnus L, Sandra, Mikael and Archie)
Guillotine (Mattias and Joakim)
Through the Ages (Karin, Fredrik and Bo)
Traders of Genoa (Oscar, Stefan, Anna and Anders)
Mr Jack (Sanny and Johan)
Mesopotamia (Mattias, Mikael, Tomas and Joakim)
Portobello Market (Oscar, Johan, Stefan and Anders)
Tigris and Euphrate (Sanny, Christina, Tomas and Mattias)
Runebound (Joakim, Sandra and Archie)
Factory Fun (Boel, Sus and Mikael)
Bluff (Mikael, Sanny, Johan, Magnus L, Elli, Stefan and Christer)
Elasund (Anders, Tomas, Maria, Tommy and Oscar)
Through the Ages close.up
Elli and Bo trying the competition of Magnus L
Cleopatra and the Society of the Architects (Boel, Stefan, Joakim and Tomas)
Mr Jack (Mattias and Anna)
Taluva (Christer, Mikael, Johan and Sanny)
Hermagor (Karin and Bo)
Elli relaxing with a book
RoboRally (Tomas, Joakim and Stefan)
Poker (Anna, Johan, Tommy, Anders and Archie)

2007-02-11 Sunday
Some of the games
Some of the games
Some of the games
Starship Catan (Sandra and Archie)
Thurn and Taxis (Boel, Sanny, Tommy and Mikael)
Leonardo da Vinci (Mattias, Anna, Maria and Anders)
War of the Ring (Joakim and Tomas)
Factory Fun (Archie, Sandra and Magnus L)
The Pillars of Earth (Johan, Karin, Christer and Bo)
Graenaland (Fredrik, Christina, Oscar and Stefan)
Competition winners are awarded
Candamir the First Settler (Fredrik, Maria and Christina)
Candamir the First Settler
Turbo Taxi (Johan and Boel)
Power Grid (Mattias, Anders, Anna, Stefan and Tommy)
Caylus (Karin, Christer and Bo)

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