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Essen Game fair report 2007-10-16—21

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I doubt that I will get time to write a report from Essen this year, but please enjoy the pictures.


My list of new games:

- Agricola (after paste-up of the cards I've played it twice and enjoyed it much
- Amyitis (Probably my favourite from Essen)
- Before the Wind (a good, but not great trading card game)
- Brass (one of Wallace best game since Age of Steam, but it's confusing to play the first time)
- Hamburgum (The favourite of those I tested in Essen. The best "rondel game" so far.)
- Cuba (A good game where you are aiming to create good VP generators)
- Im Jahr des Drachen (A solid good brainburber.)
- Jantaris (Not played yet)
- Kingsburg (A dice game, which is better and more thematic than Yspahan)
- League of Six (Interesting new kind of bidding mechanism)
- Medievalia (Not played yet)
- Oregon ("Card driven Carcassonne". Good with non-gamers, but still interesting although a bit too random
- Prophecy (Still as good swhen I played it the first time. The best adventure game together with WoW if you don't mind that's it's a bit solitaire)
- Race for the Galaxy (interesting San Juan look-alike, but with more bluff as you choose roles simultaneously. Less intuitive the first time, but good.)
- Boomtown (a 5-euro game, which I enjoyed before)
- Drachenjäger von Xorloch (a 5-euro game that I had kept an eye on before. Not yet played.


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