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South Africa
981015 Cape Town Between Seapoint Waterfront
981015 Cape Town Waterfront An old ship
981015 Cape Town View from Waterfront
981015 Cape Town The old clock tower at Waterfront

981016 Tabletop Mountains Up with the cablecar
981016 Tabletop Mountains View over Seapoint and Lions Head
981016 Tabletop Mountains Rock dassie
981016 Tabletop Mountains Rest at McLeods Beacon
981016 Tabletop Mountains City view with Robben Island
981016 Tabletop Mountains A lizard

981017 Cape Town City hall 1761 Now art museum
981017 Cape Town Castle of Good hope (pentagon)
981017 Cape Town Street entertainment
981017 Cape Town Victorian style houses

981018 Cape Point view over Cape of good hope
981018 Cape Point New lighthouse Diaz 80m over sea
981018 Cape Point Old lighthouse and Cape of good hope
981018 Boulders Beach African penguins
981018 Boulders Beach African penguins

981019 Cape Town departure with our bus
981019 Stellenbosch Probably town hall 19th century
981019 Hartenberg Wine yards
981019 Towards Cedarberg
981019 Cedarberg Time to fix dinner

981020 Cedarberg Climbing Anita and Steve
981020 Cedarberg View from a top
981020 Road view towards the Namibian border

981020 Lunch stop along the road
981020 Namibia Camping near Noordoewer Oranje River
981020 Noordoewer camping Red Bishops

981021 Oranje River canoeing Myself and Anita
981021 Oranje River Sheep at South Africa side

981022 Oranje River Sunrise
981022 The group sitting in the bus
981022 Hobas Camping Elke Gerhard and Ursula
981022 Fish River View from the top
981022 Fish River View from the top
981022 Fish River Heat and 500m difference

981023 Tree nests for Social Weaver Birds
981023 Long straight gravel roads through the desert
981023 Numis camping with the toilet shed
981023 Numis Scorpion
981023 Numis A white tree
981023 Numis View over the camp and sand desert

981024 Soussusvlei Gems (also called Oryx)
981024 Soussusvlei Climbing a sand dune
981024 Some Springboks on the way back
981024 Sesriem Sunset over the camping

981025 Namib-Naukluft National Park
981025 Namib-Naukluft NP Welwitschias plant

981026 Swakopmund Alte Kaserne now Youth Hostel
981026 Swakopmund
981026 Swakopmund Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht (town hall) 1902
981026 Swakopmund Beach with the jetty
981026 Swakopmund Hohenzollern built 1906
981026 Swakopmund Bungalows where we stayed

981027 CapeCross Cape fur seals Less than 25000 today
981027 CapeCross Cape fur seals
981027 Spitzkoppe View over camping between mountains

981028 Spitzkoppe Mountain top in the dawn (1728m above sea)
981028 Twyfelfontein Petroglyphs
981028 Twyfelfontein Cliff formations
981028 Twyfelfontein Girafe and ostriches
981028 Twyfelfontein Girafe and ostriches etc
981028 Palmwag The camping site

981029 Bad serpentine road towards the Cheetah farm
981029 CheetahFarm Camping place and tree with Weaver bird nests
981029 CheetahFarm Cheetahs within fences
981029 CheetahFarm The suricat Xoxa checks the environments
981029 CheetahFarm Myself caressing a tame cheetah

981030 EtoshaNP Okaukuejo water hole Springboks and Elephants
981030 EtoshaNP Camping site Yellowbilled hormbills
981030 EtoshaNP Herd of Oryxes
981030 EtoshaNP Kudus
981030 EtoshaNP Jackal and a Bird plus a kind of Hawk
981030 EtoshaNP Water hole with Zebras

981031 EtoshaNP Helmeted Guinea Fowls at the camping site
981031 EtoshaNP Red Hartebeest
981031 EtoshaNP Herd of Red Hartebeests
981031 EtoshaNP Wildebeest (a kind of gnu)
981031 EtoshaNP Zebras
981031 EtoshaNP Giraffe
981031 EtoshaNP Namutoni - German fort built 1899
981031 EtoshaNP Namutoni camping site
981031 EtoshaNP Water hole with ostriches
981031 EtoshaNP Damara dikdik

981101 Grootfontein

981102 PopaFalls
981102 PopaFalls Handmade wooden canoe
981102 MahangoNP Elephants
981102 MahangoNP The bus beside a 2000 year old Baobab tree
981102 MahangoNP Wart hog

981103 Botswana Thebe river camping site by Chobe River

981104 ChobeNP Vervit monkeys in the trees
981104 ChobeNP Lions
981104 ChobeNP Impala
981104 ChobeNP Herd of 200-300 buffaloes
981104 ChobeNP Sable Anthelope
981104 ChobeNP Yellow billed stork
981104 ChobeNP Kudu (female and male)
981104 ChobeNP Body of a dead Elephant since about 4 months
981104 Camping toilet (chain for occupied)
981104 Camping A couple of boys fishing
981104 ChobeNP River tour - Pied Kingfisher
981104 ChobeNP Water monitor (kind of Varan lizard - 1m)
981104 ChobeNP Hippos in the water
981104 ChobeNP Crocodile

981105 VictoriaFalls Zimbabwe - David livingstone 1855
981105 VictoriaFalls Rainbow over the falls
981105 VictoriaFalls Devils cataract
981105 VictoriaFalls Low water so many dry at 1700m long falls

981107 VictoriaFalls Helicopter tour over the falls (border bridge)
981107 VictoriaFalls Helicopter tour over the falls
981107 VictoriaFalls Helicopter tour over the falls (Devils cataract)
981107 HwangeNP Giraffe

981108 HwangeNP Our camping site with unfinished buildings
981108 MatopoNP Anna and Gerhard outside the NP
981108 MatopoNP White Rhinos paintings (by bushmen)
981108 MatopoNP White Rhinos paintings (by bushmen)
981108 MatopoNP Worlds View

South Africa
981110 Johannesburg Centre
981110 Johannesburg Centre (inside a strange store)
981110 Soweto Visit in a Kindergarten
981110 Soweto Visit in a Kindergarten
981110 Soweto Therapy workshop for disabled
981110 Soweto Shacks
981110 Soweto Small 2 and 3 family villas
981110 Soweto Extreme luxurious house

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