Map of the Faroe islands

Airport Watch Tower from WW II
Road to Torshavn
Road to Torshavn
Road to Torshavn Tunnel entrance
Road to Torshavn Farming fields
Road to Torshavn
Road to Torshavn Military boat

Torshavn Historical museum Kirkjubour chruch bench gables
Torshavn Historical museum
Torshavn Historical museum Fishing boats
Torshavn Historical museum Faroeinga saga
Torshavn Historical museum View from the outside

Torshavn Room 208 has been awaiting your arrival with excitement
Torshavn Room 204 is still single but dreams about becoming a double

Torshavn Central town
Torshavn A small church
Torshavn Harbour houses
Torshavn The harbour
Torshavn Old town
Torshavn Old town
Torshavn Old town view
Torshavn Minor fortification

Along the road Hillside
Along the road An old whale catching centre
080711 Northskala The only bridge on the islands
Eithi The Woman and the Giant cliffs

Gjogv church
Gjogv village
Gjogv Coffee and waffle break
Gjogv Protected minor harbour

Serpentine roads down to Funningur
Funningur village

Klaksvik Fish market
Klaksvik Fish market
Klaksvik Fishing boat
Klaksvik Church of King Christian
Klaksvik Church of King Christian Boat in the ceiling
Klaksvik Church of King Christian

Tunnel on the way to Vithoy island
Salmon cultivations
Vithareithi Puffins are served
Vithareithi village
Vithareithi Church
Vithareithi View over the sea

Klaksvik Weaving house of Aina Cederholm
Klaksvik Weaving house of Aina Cederholm (inside)

Kollafjorthur overview
Kollafjorthur overview

Klaksvik Coffe break
Klaksvik overview

Kunoy village
Kunoy village
Kunoy village
Kunoy sheep
Kunoy village overview
Kunoy Forest plantation
Kunoy Forest plantation (big stone block)
Kunoy Modern house in old style grass roof
Kunoy village overview

Leirvik Toftanes Viking longhouse

Sythrugota Toting wool shop Art exhibition

Northragota Traditional dresses
Northragota Statue of Trondur of Gotu
Northragota Museum house
Northragota Museum house
Northragota Village
Northragota Wedding couple

Kvivik Viking longhouse excavation
Kvivik village creek

Vestmanna cliffs
Vestmanna cliffs Sheep
Vestmanna cliffs
Vestmanna cliffs

Kollafjorthur church
Kollafjorthur church
Kollafjorthur church

Torshavn Art museum Edward Fuglo

Kirkjubour Church
Kirkjubour Old style door
Kirkjubour Cathedral (never completed)
Kirkjubour Farm
Kirkjubour Church gate
Kirkjubour Inside the church

Torshavn Nordic house Art by Edward Fuglo

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